Boston 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Would Joe Do

Feb 20th, 2011 - One of my goals during this Boston training cycle is to put in a training run with every local runner that would otherwise kick my ass in a race. After today's run I can cross Titus and Jim St. Pierre off of that fucket list.

Besides Jim and Titus, Andy C. and Jim R. also met up with me at the Church of Running on Leavitt St. in Dracut for another Sunday service led by Joe D.

Temps were in the high teens and the winds from yesterday were still blowing just as strong. The only thing that's really changed since the last time I ran around here were the hills. I think they grew a little bit. Stupid tectonic plates.

(Beer and Cigs Run)

Our group of six hung together through the first 7 miles until Andy wisely decided to run his own training pace and fell back. The rest of us had Daytona on our minds and tried to draft behind Joe and Titus through the wind tunnel known as NH.

After picking up their tax free beer at the border, Joe and Titus decided to re-enact their duels from Good Times 2010. That had to be the case because the nice tail-wind over the final 6 miles is definitely not enough to explain their sub-6 minute pace to finally pull away from us for good.

The remaining J crew were left to fend for ourselves in NH where we came upon a loose, but friendly, boxer (see shit stains in my shorts).

We still managed 7's for the rest of our run, even without the help of Joe and Titus to drag our car-casses around the semi-oval course.

We actually picked it up near the end in order to get Jim S. back home before his ITB turned into a pumpkin.

(18/7:07/5 Cats/2 Dogs)

Other than the wind, cold, hills, pace, and 18 miles, it was another excellent training run with the best around.

I even sent an e-mail to to find out if they could add a race/tempo/hill/interval/fartlek/long run category to the training log.

One of the reasons why I like to train with better runners is to learn their secrets and to push myself past my perceived limits.

Today I learned that Titus turned "46" (I can't wait until I am in the same AG as Titus in 10 years), and that I can kick Jim S.'s ass as long as the race is longer than 15.7 miles.



BadDawg said...

Unless Jim S had a bib pinned on, in which on.

Although it's nice to run with the big dogs, I would have been lost in the hinterlands...good thing I stayed on the porch for this one. Helluva run J, keep it rollin'.

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