Boston 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Short and Sweet...

Feb 13th, 2011 - Fil. Actually, that would be sweet, sour, and old, like chinese food.

Excellent long run today with EJ, James, Jeff, Fil, Frank(lin) & Bash.

(Start of the Three Hour Tour...)

All of the above Good Looking Road Runners have a great shot at finishing Boston in sub-2:50. But all seriousness aside, everyone in this photo has the potential to finish sub-3:10, with the exception of those two Gatorade bottles.

EJ hosted from his snowed in abode at the bottom of Arlington Heights, where it's unusually very warm...

(Hell Hath Indeed Frozen Over)

We started out by tackling the Wollaston and Park Ave hills before going flat along Mass Ave into Cambridge and around the Charles in Boston. Perfect conditions with some minor icing.

To make the experience even more like the actual Boston course, we even had a Boston Bandit named Brian jump in at mile four and join us for about 15!

Most of us ended our run with a free-climb straight up the beast called RT2 (300 feet over the span of a mile!). Frank the Tank earned the coveted Polka dot jersey today for turning on the afterburners and reaching the top first.

(King of the RT2)

Frank and I also tackled Wollaston one last time over the final mile of our 22 mile run for a nice bookend finish. Now I know why there are hardly any road races in Arlington. It would be inhuman.

(that's purty)

I ended up averaging a 7:50 overall pace, but that wasn't the point today. The goal for today was to put in a nice and steady long run with a great group of runners. Mission Accomplished....well, on the long and steady part at least.

(tick tock)

(Now that's fucking hard-core!)


Frank Georges said...

Jason, you should get the inverse polka dot jersey (white spots, red background) for going down the last hill much faster.

BadDawg said...

Makes the jersey even more impressive, Frank was lugging some serious ice up the hill. Great day for a run, thanks for putting it together J.

Jason Bui said...

My pleasure. Now do I get my devil's horns?

BadDawg said...

Takes years to grow a proper set of horns, but you should be fairly well along by now...

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