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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Man vs. Nature

Feb 3rd, 2011 - Nature always wins. Always. But Man will always find a way to get a run in.

(Nature! cute)

The Streak at Lexington Field House continues. This marks either the 5th or 20th week in-a-row that they've cancelled our Thursday night track workout. I've lost count, sort of like running on their track.

Speaking of 11 laps to-a-mile, we (EJ, James, and I) found ourselves, and our $5's, over at the new GLRR home for winter track, the Joyce Middle School in Woburn, where it's $3 for the same workout. The $2 savings goes towards the BYOB fund.

4 x 1 miles at roughly half-marathon pace was on the docket for tonight.

2 mile warm up

1 - 6:02
1 - 6:17
1 - 6:14
1 - 5:45 (whoops)

2 mile cool down

For comparison, here's our previous  4 x 1 workout on 11/10/10:

1 - 6:38
1 - 6:38
1 - 6:18
1 - 6:07

Of course you cannot not waste a good workout by not not going to Mario's afterwards, so in GLRR Thursday track tradition, we once again found ourselves across the street from where they filmed three minutes of The Fighter.

We were joined by our good friends P, B, & R for dinner. Thanks, EJ!

Looking forward to not not running again in Lexington next week.

10 on tap on the treadmill for tomorrow. 14 on the road on Saturday. And Super 5K on Sunday wedged in between two 10 milers.

On target for another 70 mile week. Not bad considering the conditions and my body is holding up well with the increased mileage. I can't say the same about my mind though, but that's par for the course for me.


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