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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Same Day, Different Consistency

Jan 13th, 2011 - There's a reason why we no longer see Boston Marathon winners from this area. Look out your window. That white stuff ain't crack.

God bless Bill Rodgers (check out his running log) and Clarence DeMar, and all of the past local winners, for training through this winter wonderland we call New England.

Well, that's been my excuse for being a very lazy Bui this week. I took Monday off as a rest day, forgetting that we were going to get slammed by the storm on Wednesday.

Yesterday ended up being a waste of a day since working from home usually means getting nothing done and posting naughty images on your blog. Let's just say that I thought about running a lot of miles yesterday.

So tonight, in lieu of Lexington, I managed to get myself over to the UML indoor track with 1/3rd of the J boys to get in my weekly track workout. It's always nice to have track to change it up a bit and to shake out the lingering stiffness from the long runs.

The UML indoor track is a 160 meter (10 laps to a mile) track that runs around the perimeter of the basketball court, which is on the lower floor. Just think of Lexington, but without the rats.

It's a tough track to do any sort of speedwork since there are four sharp turns on a very short track, but Jeff and I gave it go anyways.

We did 1.5 miles to warm up (Jeff had already ran 8 earlier in the day) and the following splits for the 6 x 800's:

2:40 (whoops)

We rounded out the great workout with a 2.5 mile cool down, pacing a fellow Tewksburian over the final mile. I think we might have managed to get another runner out to Fudge this Saturday! There's always room for Fudge.

Hopefully I'll be more productive and efficient with the mileage in the coming weeks. I gotta stop packing all of my miles into the weekends. My goal is to hit 70 miles by the end of next week, and stay there for a few weeks before bumping it up again.

Slowly, but surely I'll eventually get myself back into marathon shape. Slowly, but surely this winter is going to suck even more.

(EJ has just the thing for you little buddy)


BadDawg said...

Nice work through tight turns J, soon you'll be on your own for Thursday nights. Then you'll be wearing one of those red and black singlets.

Jason Bui said...

I hear Girlaway is a 55+ only community now.

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