Boston 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Right on Hereford

The GLRR mystery man at Mile 22 was none other than GLRR legend David Oliver!

(flying high)

I didn't recognize him at first because he was wearing the prototype GLRR racing singlet (gotta get me one of those!). Once I did though, it was a whole new race for me.

This sighting gave me a huge boost of energy and a 4th wind. I stayed focus on trying to catch David and that kept me right on the pace that I needed to maintain. This was very similar when I chased down Andrew Biancheri, also of GLRR, near the end of this year's New Bedford Half to help me finish strong there.

On a side note, this is another reason for you to sign up for a running club! So why not join the chickens?!

It took me at least another half mile before I was able to catch David, exchange pleasantries, and continue on my way with a new found bounce in my step.

I was actually hoping that David was also shooting for sub-2:50 so that we could work together and pull each other in over the final two miles. Unfortunately, I took a quick peak and saw that I was pulling further and further away from David as we powered down the descents on the other side of Newton.

Once again I found myself all alone among hundreds of other runners.

I took my third and final GU before hitting the 40K mark in 2:41:27. I was officially 8 for 8 for the 20 minute 5K goals, but now I had less than 10 minutes and 1.4 miles of pain standing in between me and my ultimate goal of 2:49:59 at the finish.

I definitely didn't want to settle on being "in first place for the most days during the season", only to come up short when it counted most.  

The first sign of the impending finish appeared off in the distance as I approached my nemesis at Mile 25.

(running on fumes)

The relatively tiny hill that is the Mass Pike bridge overpass looms large for me every year, and has always tripped me up in the past.
I needed another boost, and that boost came in the form of Kara Haas!

(wonder woman)

She told me that she'd be out at Mile 25 to give everyone that extra boost, since she also felt that this was the crummiest part of the course. Boy is she right, and boy did she help!

I heard her scream my name and I looked over to my right to see her beaming smile!

And with that I shot over that puny little hill in record time and made my way into the Comm Ave tunnel.

Inside the tunnel I could easily hear other runners behind me swear up a storm as they cramped up on this final down hill.

I just focused on the daylight at the end of the tunnel.

I quickly thought back to Jan 1st when Reno, Gary, and I last ran this actual portion of the course. I've been here before. I've done this before.

Let's Do This!

My Garmin read 2:47:30 as I made the final right on Hereford.


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Go-o-o, Jason!

Alberto said...

Pretty Cool Jason... and I am already a chicken..

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