Boston 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre-Pre Race

The nerves hadn't kicked in yet.

I spent the morning of Boston Marathon eve doing a nice and easy jog around Lake Q in Wakefield with Jenn. Afterwards I decided to stop by the BSC pool in Woburn, since I hadn't been there in over two weeks, to try to relax the legs some more.

I could only manage 10 minutes in the pool since they were about to do swim lessons. So much for that idea. Went into the sauna for another 10 minutes to try to achieve the same goal.

I was basically just trying to kill time to get through the longest day of the year. It was only 10AM when I finally got back home...

(as boring as it looks)

By 1PM I was completely out of ideas. Even Teddy was tired of playing fetch!

(a mutt's life)

Then I came up with the brilliant idea to head back down to the marathon expo, but this time with my parents who have never had the awesome privilege of squirming their way through hot, crowded aisles looking for travel size freebies.

Unfortunately, by the time we got down there at 3PM the only thing left were the hot, crowded aisles and not much else. I couldn't even find an overpriced marathon jacket! I think they were being shipped over to Marshalls for the 50% off sale by that point.

Do you know how they always warn you to take it easy and don't do too much walking around the day before a marathon? Well, they're right and I should heed that warning in the future.

It was such a beautiful day out that my mom decided that we should walk back to where we parked our car...2+ miles away in

We did, however, get to walk down a closed off Boylston St for most of it, so that was very cool.

What wasn't cool was the fact that my lower back began to stiffen up by the time we got back to the car. I wasn't even in the mood to drive the 26.2 miles back home, never mind running 26.2 in less than 24 hrs.

Tried taking a nap back at the estate, but that was pointless with the Celts and Sox games on. On a side note, this has got to be one of the best sports weekends in the Boston area. Now if only we can get the Pats to play on Partiots Day...

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to figure out how to stay out of trouble. Believe me, it was difficult.

Checked out what the rest of my Facebook running buddies were up to. Looked like the usual:

(alrighty then)

I downed my last bowl of pasta and finally started packing for the next day before I went to bed at 10PM.

- GLRR issued running gear
- Garmin
- Running shades
- GU
- Kinvaras
- Injinji Tetra Socks
- Zensah compression sleeves (calves)
- North Face compression sleeve (arms)
- Post race clothes/food/entertainment/bail money

Like I said, I went to bed at 10, but you don't even wanna know what time I finally fell asleep. Let's just say that I never did.

The nerves were kicking in.


Anonymous said...


The day before the Marathon could be worse.

Boston could be bracing for the worst Noreaster in decades, and the airwaves could be filled with reports that Dave McGilvray is closeted with police chiefs of every jurisdiction from Hopkinton to Boston, to discuss CANCELLING Boston for the first time ever. (Yes, that was the scene on Patriots Day minus one, 2007.)

But with that aside...another great Post, as usual, Jason!!

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