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Monday, February 28, 2011

In Like A Lion

Feb 28th, 2011 - Most of us are a little more than halfway through with this Boston training cycle and it's going pretty well for some, and a little less well for others.

(not naming names)

99% of running Boston is getting there injury free.

Personally, my legs still feel fresh and I haven't hit the training doldrums yet. This is partly due to my new found discovery of swimming and spinning to break things up a bit, and having a new long run each Sunday has also helped. Speaking of which, this looks like a new GLRR tradition (new group run host every week on a different course) and it's developing nicely.

All of this running has made me yearn for the swimming, the swimming for the spinning, and the spinning for the running. It's one vicious cycle that I actually don't mind, and highly recommend.

I am, however, itching to throw down some serious miles at a middle distance race, like New Bedford in three weeks. This past weekend was tough as a lot of my fellow runners were out there clocking in some serious training and racing miles, while I pussied out of a GLRR group run because of 4 inches of snow!

Other than the Super 5K and a couple of Fudgecicles (the racing kind) earlier this month, my schedule has been devoid of any racing. At this point last year I had about 20+ races under my belt and only my stupidity to show for it. I still can't imagine how the elite marathon guys can focus on just one or two marathons a year. I would go bat shit crazy just from the training!

(The President)

I've managed to increase my miles per week average, and overall pace since January, without injury or issue. I've also been able to hold it steady between 65-70 miles per week (not counting this past week, Speed Week, where I clocked in only 50) for the past three weeks.

My goal before the taper in early April is to try to get in 300 solid miles for March with New Bedford thrown in as a final tune-up. My goal at New Bedford Half is to break 1 hr and 20 minutes, or beat Mike Shanahan depending on which singlet he wears, GBTC or GLRR. Yeah Mike, I'm calling you out!

(just like the good old days)

With a recent change in my work-life balance I'll have to start putting in a couple of doubles throughout the week in order to hit 75 miles each week.

Like they say, March will come in like a lion and out like a lamb chicken.


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