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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream

Feb 10th, 2011 - After barely surviving my 16 mile BU Death Run last night (see yesterday's missing post), I was looking forward to an indoor track session tonight.

Surprisingly, the Lexington High field house was once again off limits for our use, so James, EJ, Bash, and I made our way over to the usually reliable Joyce Middle School for our weekly hit of 11 laps-to-a-mile self-mutilation.

Unfortunately our track workout at Joyce was preempted by...wait for it...a track meet!

Bash, using his newly purchased iPhone frantically called around to the other tracks in the area, but to no avail. After waiting around dumb-founded for 30 minutes, hoping the meet would magically clear out by 7PM, the four of us parted ways into the cold, cruel night.

Disclaimer: I'm just guessing at what I think the rest of the crew did after they left Joyce.

EJ would go on to put in another treacherous 8-miler around Arlington. Bash headed over to the BSC in Woburn to take advantage of climate controlled running, and James called up the rest of the J crew for 6.63 miles in 48:26.34 from his house...but I could be wrong.

What did I do?

I went back to the apt and decided to do what I set out to accomplish tonight, a track workout.

There are three things I hate most:

1. Track workouts
2. Treadmills
3. Running out of ice cream

I got on the treadmill and did a 2-mile warmup just as Jesus Shuttlesworth broke the NBA 3-point record.

A mini-ladder workout was on tap tonight: 800, 800, 1600, 800, 800

The treadmill will keep you honest and easily on your workout's target pace, but I had to first figure out the pace I needed to hit. Besides converting my track brain from 145 meters to a 400 meter treadmill track, I also had to convert the miles-per-hour display to seconds per lap, etc, etc.

Let's just say that my cromagnon brain was hurting more than my legs by the end of the workout.

To help ease the pressure on my frontal lobe, I kept it simple by doing Yasso 800's for the 800 intervals, and just dialed in a 10 mph (6 minute mile) for the mile.

I just did the 800's in 2 minutes 50 seconds since I'm going for sub-2:50 at Boston, (this is the thinking behind Bart Yasso's simple, yet intriguing, 800 theory).

800 - 2:50
800 - 2:50
1600 - 6:00
800 - 2:50
800 - 2:40 (whoops)

At least tonight wasn't a total wash-out. I had a great workout considering the events leading up to it, and the Celtics were up HUGE when I was done....

...but then, I went upstairs and found this in the freezer:



BadDawg said...

Serves you right for putting an empty carton back into the freezer. By the way, a can of Chunky New England clam chowder is a poor substitute for chicken parm at Mario's. I hope those "it's all about me" high school kids feel good about that.

Jason Bui said...

Serves you right for not putting your foot down at 7PM to get those brats out of the gym!

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