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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Running Clubs

Jan 20th, 2011 - The always reliable Rat Dome in Lexington once again came through and cancelled GLRR's Thursday night track workout for...wait for it...a track meet!

EJ then said enough's enough and took matters into his own hands.

He got in touch with visting Chinese President Hu Jintao and got executive approval to crash the Shamrock's track workout at the Joyce Middle School in Woburn.


Unfortunately, I didn't pack any workout clothes with me when I left for work thinking that it was going to be another deadmill run in place of track.

Once again, EJ came through and found me some clean undies that I could use if I showed up for the Shamrock's workout at 7PM.

I showed up at 7PM and true to his word, EJ brought me his underwear and thensome! I quickly went into the barthroom to change into his gear, and truth be told, I was feeling fast already!

By the time I got out, the Shamrocks (along with EJ, Bash, and Jeff) were lining up for the first interval of the ladder workout.

A little background before I continue.

I've always heard of the Shamrocks, based out of Woburn, and their fun ways, but never really knew how much fun they really were. In fact, they're a lot like GLRR in many ways, and different in others.

For example, they're an Irish themed running club. We like green.

They have a clover as their logo. We have a chicken as our logo, and dinner on most nights.

We have the Rat Dome. They have the Ferret Dome. Both of which incorporate the insane 11 laps to a mile.

We like eating and drinking. They like eating and drinking more.

They have cuties at their workouts. We have Fil.

They have The Irish American. We have Mario's.

We have pizza. They were supposed to have pizza.

(If you feel like joining their club, then sign up here)


We go up and down on a ladder workout. They go up and...wait for it...nope. That's it. 


Yep. EJ, Bash, Jeff, and I were just  getting warmed up by the time we got through with the 400, 600, 800, and 1000 portion of the ladder when the workout came to a screeching halt.

Ah, they must be catching their breath for the downside of the ladder. How quaint. Let's just keep moving and try to stay loose.

Five minutes later.

Uh, are you guys going back down the ladder?

No, we're going over to the Irish American for some beer and food. Wanna come?

EJ once again took control and got the four of us back on the line to finish the workout. Coach Stronach would have shed a tear, and then we would have made fun of him.

Back down the ladder we went, and then we tacked on 22 LAPS for the cool down to round out another excellent track session.

Thanks to the Shamrocks for hosting the workout and not throwing us GLRR bums into the cold night.

Thank You Steve Blair for pacing us through half of our workout and all of your's.

Thank You Irish American for letting this Asian American enjoy your fine establishment.


400   - 1:24
600   - 2:02
800   - 2:45
1000 - 3:24
800   - 2:43
600   - 2:01
400   - 1:14 (whoops)


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Nice J. Maybe they'll forget to change the locks at the club and we can do it again sometime.

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