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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jason's Revenge

Jan 29th, 2011 - The plan for today was to squish the southern style stomach sickness with a dosage of Fudge 5K fun.

I actually woke up on time today, but still managed to cut it real close getting to the starting line with my two mile warm up run from the apt. The temps were a balmy 25 degrees at the start, so an almost record crowd (87) turned out for this week's Fudge 5K festivities.

I got to the school minutes before the start, which was once again a little after 8AM. So far, the Fudge has been 4 for 4 with the late starts. Must be the new management. No complaints here since I've also been perfect with my tardiness. Thanks for coming out and volunteering gang (Pat, John, Mike, Scott, Zach, Glenn, Nancy, Jim, and everyone else I forgot)!

Dan Verrington made his first appearance of the series and we talked a little before the G-O command was given. He asked me what I was shooting for today, and I said today felt like an 18:30 run. He said that he hasn't done any speed work recently, so he'd try to hang with me. HA! Good one, Dan.

I believe either Dan or one of the other CMS boys holds the Fudge 5K course record. Correct me if I am wrong, Glenn. UPDATE: Dave Dunham holds the course record and we believe it's 14:58.

Dan and I ran together for the entire run with us exchanging leads about a dozen times throughout. One of which was when we ran pass the Tewksbury High Girls XC team (Dan), and the other time as we passed the heard of wild turkeys (me). I think the turkeys were quite impressed.

(fear the turkey)

We went through Mile 1 in 5:50, Mile 2 in 5:56, and Mile 3 in 5:55. I crossed the finish line, in front of Dan, faster than I had planned in 18:29. Sorry for the poor pacing, Dan.

We heard John R. pretty much over the entire final mile, so we thought he was going to make a move, but he held back and eventually arrived in the chute 10 seconds after us. Nice running once again, John!

Results for my final Fudge 5K of the season (more to come on this later).

My butt cheeks managed to hold Montezuma at bay throughout the run, but I definitely still felt the remnants of his anger right on my tail. I'll just say that I am glad my entire workout this morning was once again within a two mile radius of my toilet. Me thinks that Tex-Mex lunch from Monday is going to be with me for awhile. I've got a feeling that I'm either going to eventually end up on that Animal Planet show, Monsters Inside Me, or a remake of Alien.

Saturday has turned into one of my favorite workout days. I love incorporating the Fudge 5K for race pace, a few miles at tempo pace, and then the 3 x Catamount Hill workout for a total of 13 miles. A fantastic overall workout that keeps things interesting and the miles just fly by.

Looking forward to a long run with the Gold's Gym group tomorrow morning. Just like the good old days of last year.

Katy, sorry to hear about the passing of your cousin. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know running is the last thing on your mind right now, but send me a message if you're up for a long run. It's been too long.


mueblerunner said...

Jason, good job. I believe Dunham holds the record. 14:58.

Jason Bui said...

Thanks and thanks, Dave.

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