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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'd Rather Be Running The Goofy Challenge

Jan 9th, 2011 - After successfully implementing my evil master plan to get all of the J's (except for Jim R.) to show up at Joe's place (and his neighbor's place) for the 8AM group run without me, I decided to go out and run Catamount Road as penance for my sin.*

Even though Boston is down hill from start to finish, I decided to do a hill work out in place of a long run. I ran the 2.7 miles out to Catamount and did this for the next hour:

(This is actually my heart rate. You can see where I flat lined for a bit)

I managed to keep a 7:30 average pace throughout the workout with the first and last 2.7 miles at marathon pace. My main goal for the hill work out was to focus on my turnover on the downhill portion. Nice and smooth without forcing it. I've always cramped up at Boston on the downhill after Heartbreak, so I have to get my legs use to the pounding. The downhills at Boston is arguably worse than the uphills.

It was actually nice to be out there alone doing something I love. I need to get back to the basics and focus on my goal for Boston on my own since nobody else is running Boston for me.

Speaking of the Goofy Challenge, congrats to Eric Mottram (future GLRR member) on completing his first ultra this weekend! It's an ultra in my books when you run more than 50k in the span of 24hrs, even if you are running with Tinker Bell.

Not only was this Eric's first ultra, it was also his first marathon! On a bum knee!! OK, you are officially a member of GLRR just for being nucking futs.

Half-Marathon (Saturday) - 1 hrs 33 mins
Marathon (Sunday) - 3 hrs 28 mins
Waiting in Line at Disney (Monday) - 14 hrs 30 mins (insane)

See Eric, you didn't die! Nice job, buddy! Now bring some of that nice Florida weather back with you.

*I've learned that the key to doing a group run is to never commit to a group run in the first place. You just say you MIGHT show up or you MIGHT sleep in, and if you show up, great. If you don't, well, if you don't, then you've covered your ass. See, I am learning from the best.


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