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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Greater Lowell World Runner

Jan 3rd, 2011 - It's been quite an interesting start to the new year.

Marathon run on New Year's morning, first indoor track race yesterday, and today, well today is one for the history books.

It all started a little after Christmas when Stephen Peckiconis sent me an e-mail to tell me about an interesting character by the name of Tony Mangan making his way around the world...on foot.

I had briefly mentioned Tony, and his mission, on my other blog, not thinking that we would eventually meet up a few days later.

It just so happened that part of Tony's 27,000+ mile trip around the world took him right through Greater Lowell!

After a couple of quick e-mail exchanges, we agreed to try to meet up and that I would try to get a club member out there to direct him into the Mill City.

Glenn took the initiative this morning and went out in search of Tony as Tony trotted down 111 to 38 from Kingston, NH. They eventually met up and Glenn piggy-backed Tony's "boggy" on the formerly tree-battered Baja, and high-tailed it back to the GLRR office to get it warmed up for Tony's arrival.

Tony would be spending the night at the GLRR "luxury apt" before heading out first thing in the morning for the next leg in his journey to Hudson, MA, where he has an auntie and uncle.

(Please clear runway 38 for the arrival of Tony)

Myself, Glenn, EJ, Fil, Deric, and Frank met up with Tony at the GLRR clubhouse in downtown Lowell around 6PM for dinner at Hookslide's.

In GLRR tradition we tried to get the Irishman drunk at Hookslide's, but he would have none of it, opting instead for a bottle of non-alcoholic spirits. I guess there's a first for everything this year.

We all had a great time talking, laughing, eating, and miscommunicating. Ah, such a wondrous thing to be separated by a common language.

(World's Most Wanted)

(that's ice tea, I swear)

Jan 4th, 2011 - This was one day I should have called in sick, but that would have meant calling in begging for my job tomorrow. Too busy at work to come out and accompany Tony on his farewell tour of Greater Lowell, sans marching band. Nice try though, EJ.

EJ, Jessica, and Fil, on the other hand, don't have Scrooge as their boss, so they spent the morning and afternoon out on 110 and 27 jogging to Hudson, MA with Tony.

Fil and EJ took turns pushing the boggy down 110 before Fil realized he had to get to work. EJ continued on where he would eventually meet up with Jessica. Jessica completed her run with Tony and headed home to warmer pastures.

EJ decided right then and there to continue on and make the 3000+ mile run to the Mexican border with Tony, but smartly wised-up and stopped short in Hudson only after 27.1 miles. Wuss (but you're still my hero, EJ).

Glenn being Glenn took time out of his day and went to pick up EJ in Hudson for the return trip back to Lowell.

Tony is resting up safe and sound with family in Hudson tonight with plans to start up again in two days. Maybe if I'm ballsy enough I'll quit my day job and get in that run with Tony when he resumes his run towards Wor-chester on Friday.

Or I can wait for two years and run the Dublin Marathon with the Greater Lowell World Runner, Tony Mangan, as he finishes his world tour at the finish line of that great marathon.

Well, it's been a pleasure taking part in your dream, Tony.

God Bless and God Speed in your journey home.

(Footage courtesy of Fil's new obsession - get that thing out of my face!)


glenn-the-runner said...

Truth be told - I didn't run with them on the 4th. I had two runs already scheduled for that day. But I did do a couple of drive byes - and I was EJ's ride back to Lowell to get his jeep.

Jason Bui said...

It's OK Glenn. We won't tell, but you did find and run with Tony on the 3rd! Nice Job, El Presidente!

Jason Bui said...

Updated the post to reflect what really happened.

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