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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Five Star Run

Jan 24th, 2011 - I wish I could say the same about the Omni Hotel, the hotel at which I'm staying at for the Chronotrack Conference. It's supposedly a 4 star (formerly a 5 star hotel), but it does everything possible to make you think it was a Motel 6. Apologies to Motel 6 because that would be an insult to all cheap motels near truck stops.

I've been here for two days and I still can't figure out the physcial layout of this hotel. Is it a U shape? A horseshoe? A human shoe? It was probably designed by a casino in the hopes of you never finding the exit. Just think of the most organized and most well-laid out hotel plan and throw it in the trash. That's the Omni.

I swear that the maids are changing the room numbers while I'm at my meetings because it takes me a good 15 minutes just to find my room again at the end of the day. I pray that this hotel never suffers a fire. The poor souls. 3 stars.

Well, there's nothing you can do about layout at this point, but at least have a gym or a room with some workout machines in it! Yeah, I know, the Riverwalk is in your backyard, but have you tried running on the Riverwalk during peak hours?! Think single track trail running with a very good chance of drowning. 2 stars.

So you advertise yourself as a conference center that caters to the needs of the business crowd? Um, no. One requirement for this is a very useful thing called the Internet. Google it. 1 star.

All of this makes for a very unpleasant experience to hang around the hotel during my down time, so this gave me plenty of motivation to put in 7 miles in the early morning and 7 miles in the early evening for my first double on the year. 5 STARS!



BadDawg said...

Nice job on the double (and not drowning) J! Don't be hatin on Motel 6, I just booked October 15th at the M6 in Colchester VT. An affordable room in Vermont during peak foliage aint easy to come by. Just a place to lay my head for the night before the Green Mountain Marathon, and I'm guessing it's easy to find the 1 star exit and head for the start. Hope you make it home in one piece.

Frank Georges said...

Motel 6 was the official hotel of my 2003 cross country tour.

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