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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11.11 on 11.11

1.11.11 - Most runners are obsessed with numbers, like trying to run 365 days in-a-row.

Today was perfect for those obsessed with meaningless things like that.

I ended up going down to Hookslide's to do the Tuesday night group run not expecting much of a crowd, with Glenn in Phoenix (GOOD LUCK!) and Coach Jim being afraid of the cold and dark (you'll hear it from me on Thursday).

James and David were the only other two diehards that showed up tonight. We wanted to get in more than the usual 5+ miles to make up for the other slackers, so we decided to do the Tuesday night loop twice. We did the first loop in reverse (first time doing that), and then headed back out on the same course, but in the usual direction.

We discovered that the reverse course is more uphill, but it's a steady uphill. David tried to get Frank to come and play with us when we ran by his place, but Frank was enjoying a good book with lotsa of pictures (he did hear us though!). We completed this loop in about 39 minutes and got in 5.5 miles. This would ensure that we got close to at least half of my 11.11 mile goal for tonight.

Even with all the whining, pissing, and moaning before heading back out again, we still managed to keep the same pace (7:30's) for much of the second loop, including the bastard Hovey St hills at mile 8. David led the charge down 133 against on coming traffic. Didn't we just survive this 20 minutes ago?!

My legs felt great tonight considering that I felt like crap this morning, and had passed on doing a morning run as part of a planned double for today. This morning was the first time in a long while that I had experienced LAMS (Lazy Ass Muscle Soreness) after a hard workout (Sunday's 8 x Catamount).

I only had to tack on an additional block behind Hookslide's to get in the 11.11 miles required to make today's run mean something to nobody.

At least it's a fun and healthy obsession.

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